Ludovic BALLOUARD did not seem destined to become a watchmaker. Born in Brittany, France, in 1971, to a Breton father and a Dutch mother, his childhood was enveloped by the sound of the sea, the mysterious and variable winds which blow along the coastline and by the rugged and splendid natural beauty of that part of the world.

Although he was still unaware of it, his passion for the construction and flight of radio-controlled model aeroplanes was to lead him to watchmaking. Since the age of 12 he had excelled in this early interest. This later led to a professor of his suggesting that he took advantage of this gift for assembling infinitely small parts in the service of watchmaking.

Ludovic BALLOUARD had found his way ! As student of the watchmaking school in Rennes, Brittany, France, he discovered cogs, screws, movements and watch cases of all shapes and sizes. His passion and enthusiasm for the marvels timepieces represent just grew and grew !

The openings as watchmaker in his native Brittany being unfortunately rare, he had no choice but to commence his career as technician for aeroplane control panels and remained 6 years in this profession.

However, the call of his true vocation, watchmaking, was so strong that it led him to work in Geneva, Switzerland, one of the cradles of watchmaking. He first worked for 3 years with Frank Muller before joining François-Paul Journe for 7 years. During his 3 last years there he devoted himself to the assembly and regulation of the extraordinary « Sonnerie Souveraine ».

In May 2009, after many years of reflexion, he decided to launch his own brand. Although the world crisis was severe, he felt that the moment had come to follow his wish, carried by the desire to design and develop his own models and by the many creative ideas which filled his mind.

His suppliers, having more time on their hands due to the world crisis and carried along by their enthusiasm for the watch which Ludovic Ballouard wished to create, enabled the rapid realisation of his first timepiece.

It was thus that the UPSIDE DOWN was born. A beautiful complicated platinum timepiece, the first piece of which was delivered in December 2009.

A great adventure had begun !

In October 2010, Ludovic BALLOUARD was awarded the « Special Prize of the Jury » by the prestigious magazine « Montres Passions » during the « Watch of the Year » event in Geneva.

Since its creation, the UPSIDE DOWN has become a most successful watch. It now exists in several variations : platinum, red gold, set with diamonds, a model with a black PVD titanum dial, a black gold movement and applied indexes, as well as a model with a dial made up of 55 pieces of mother-of-pearl inlay.

Fuelled by his usual creativity and enthusiasm, Ludovic BALLOUARD presented his second timepiece in January 2012. An impressive complicated platinum timepiece called HALF TIME, confirming his inspiration for awesome displays!This amazing watch was immediately adopted by collectors and watch aficionados.

Ludovic BALLOUARD's reputation as master watchmaker is confirmed and Harry Winston entrust him with the development of their OPUS XIII.

From his Geneva workshop, in Switzerland, country of which he is proud to now also possess the nationality, he serenely continues on his way, recognized and admired by numerous collectors and watch enthusiasts the world over.