HALF TIME Collection

Upside Down
by Ludovic Ballouard

He is said to be instictive, welcoming, genuine and humble. It is so unusual to possess all these qualities that they deserve to be mentioned, most especially as they can also be found in this watchmaker’s creation.

He is an authentic « Craftsman » of the XXIst century.In order to create such an exquisite and innovative timepiece as the Upside Down,  surely one needs to have the mind of a magician, a mischievious personality, as well as the highest watchmaking skills.

By turning time upside down within a superbly complex movement, Ludovic Ballouard presents lovers of watch mecanisms with an explosion of technical subtleties together with an authentically  poetic timepiece, as enchanting on one side as it is on the other.

When decoding  this small work of art, one asks oneself whether Mr Ballouard has not wanted to remind us how precious the moment is, as of the twelve figures on the dial, only one is the right side up…What an encouraging way of putting  into perspective the « darker » moments of life.
These only exist  to enable us to appreciate the happy times.